Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rheumatism & Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea Blend by Queen of Trees Herbal. Also, Gout, Lupus, Neuritis, Fibrositis and more

                  "Rheumatism & Arthritis” Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea Blend.
A powerful Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea Blend by Queen of Trees Herbal. This formula works on these specific conditions: Arthritis, Bursitis, Calcium deposits, Gout, Lupus, Neuritis, Rheumatism, Stiffness-general, Fibrositis. It helps to aid arthritis suffers from joint stiffness. It is rich in easily-absorbed calcium, it detoxifies and neutralizes uric acid and is a solvent for calcium deposits. This is sold with 2 1/2 Large Ounces of Bulk Tea Blend..

Also take look at our “Rheumatism & Arthritis” Tincture... Please email/convo me if you have any questions...

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  3. Hi I wanted to know where I can find this tea I have arthritis on my neck thanks for your help