Friday, June 25, 2010

CHAMOMILE herbal TINCTURE for Babies Kids by QueenofTreesHerbal

Chamomille (Anthemis nobilis-Roman): One of the finest nervine herbs there is. It is invigorating and strengthening to the body. It is known as a soothing tonic which is sedative in nature and used for the nerves. In France and Spain it is used on the young on such problems as colic, upset stomachs and helps to induce sleep. It is reportedly useful as a remedy for nightmares (especially in children).
Soaked in Vegetable Glycerin... 100% ORGANIC and NATURAL
This one ounce bottle with dropper is just what you need to have on hand for babies, children and adults...
Always made with Love and Healing Intentions.. Remember Herbs Work...Love Your Body~Love Your Life....

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